Quality Control

Product Quality

The quality of every part we manufacture whether its a precision shoulder screw, dowel pin, captive screw, thumb screw, or from among any of the hundreds of other screw machined varieties available from stock, is the part must meet or exceed the acceptance level of our toughest critics our own inspection team. Our QSLM/QSLD Class 2 certification is a testament to our commitment to quality.

In viewing the various parameters, whether its the correct microfinish on a machined surface on a dowel pin or the consistently precise fit of a threaded length on a precision shoulder screw, our inspectors take their important responsibilities very seriously. For instance, we check the threads not only for gage fit, but also under high magnification in order to ensure an absence of burrs at the crests. The main concern is to get it right the first time!

Inspection Process

A minimum of four separate inspections take place for every job that we set up. Theres the first piece inspection, necessary to confirm that the machine setup is correct. Then, we have the machine operators verification, with dimensional measurements taken periodically while the job is running. Then, at the end of the run, final inspectors check the lot thoroughly before passing it on to shipping for its last look by our shipping department. If there are any secondary modifications to be included, each one adds another layer of inspection to the lot, to ensure that all parameters are met. This applies to everything we manufacture, from commercial dowel pins to fully-certified military and aerospace captive screws and shoulder bolts